June 19, 2024 Showing our Readers The TRUTH

Verification Is Required

Here is why….

P.A.I.N is a real news source. We bring to light real news and ask real questions about what is going on in our country.

Media is Trying to Control our Opinions

In this day in age we find that the media sources are:

  • Telling you what they think you want to hear…
  • Telling you what they are told to tell you…
  • They are ignoring very important news

Because of our opinions and the details we are sharing, we are required to lock our site and ask for simple verification.

We know this is very inconvenient – it would be so nice to share openly.

Sadly freedom of speech does not exist.

Due to the constant censoring by ISP providers, our Government, Social Media outlets, and Search Engines…
We simple ask you to verify your email address and log-in and out of our site.

This site is FREE and you will never be asked for any payment method … ever.

If you are Already Verified….