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The Winner of the Iowa Caucus- Pete Buttigieg: Groomed by the CIA to be the Ultimate Shadow Agent?

As recently unknown candidate Pete Buttigieg takes the top spot in the current Democratic field, rumors are swirling about his ambiguous ties to intelligence agencies.

Suspicions surrounding Buttigieg’s background are directly related to new revelations of his work at the consulting company Mckinsey & Company. Their website vaguely describes them as a “consulting company”, however inside reports have unveiled proof that they have taken millions of dollars of direct money from the CIA.

In recent years their public image has faltered as reports of their past ‘consulting’ comes to the surface. Throughout his seemingly quiet campaign, Buttigieg has spent a great deal of time and energy trying to downplay his work within the organization. While  running for Mayor of South Bend, Indiana he made his time and experience at Mckinsey the focal point of his campaign.

As his campaign has now shifted from local to presidential, Buttigieg often jokes that his work at Mckinsey consisted mostly of “spreadsheets and computer screens”. However, that was only after, on numerous occasions, he refused to discuss any of his work at Mckinsey while on the presidential campaign trail. Our team finds this strange and in stark contrast with his previous run for Mayor, where he all but bragged about his work with Mckinsey. Conveniently, all of this talk of his consulting work was all before Mckinsey’s ties to intelligence and shady work were released to the public.

After his work with Mckinsey & Company, he enlisted in the Navy and went on to join the ranks of Naval Intelligence. Buttigieg claims that his job was to disrupt terrorist financial networks. However, he has also stated that his role primarily consisted of being a “military Uber”. This required him to be an armed guard/driver for his commander. 

So Buttigieg starts his career at a CIA consulting program and then jumps over to Naval intelligence with very shadowy and limited details. If all of this sounds like someone who is trying to cover-up their true career path, you wouldn’t be alone. Buttigieg’s constant deflections about the true nature of his work at Mckinsey and in Naval Intelligence waves the massive red flag of someone trying to hide their secretive past.

Buttigieg’s story reminds us of yet another American figure who has played a very big role in U.S. politics. Bob Woodward also went directly into Naval Intelligence after college. Woodward said his job their consisted mostly of him being a courier of sorts who would deliver classified documents between the Pentagon and White House. Again, similar to Buttigieg, this man also in intelligence tries to downplay their work and make it sound trivial and boring.

As many of us now know, Bob Woodward left the Navy and for some strange reason began working at The Washington Post, despite having no journalism education or training. From Navy to Journalist in less than a year. Within months he had made contact with a now famous source named “deep throat” which allowed him to publish one of the greatest scandals in American history, causing the impeachment and resignation of President Richard Nixon. Seems fishy for someone in their first year on the job… with no training, experience, or education in journalism.

Buttigieg’s story also has curious similarity to another U.S. political figure, the 44th president of the United States – Barack Obama. Interestingly enough, Buttigieg has branded himself as the next Barak Obama – A young, relatively unknown candidate with an unexpected rise to fame and the top office in the nation. As we all know, Obama famously only had one real private sector job as well. That was with yet another consulting type firm named Business International, and – once again Business International has been revealed to have direct ties to the CIA.  

So now as we see Pete Buttigieg, a relative unknown shoot to the top of the Iowa caucus under strange circumstances involving a vote counting app, questions about his past have resurfaced. The official story is that Pete Buttigieg, who studied history and literature at Harvard went on to work as a business consultant doing ‘boring’ spreadsheet work. Then went to Naval Intelligence, where he once again did ‘boring’ work as an Uber driver of sorts.

It seems Pete Buttigieg is spending a lot of energy trying convince everyone how incredibly boring his past was. Not exactly a thing you would expect from a presidential candidate, unless of course your name is Barack Obama.

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